Do you have a wire with a high heat resistance temperature (allowable current value)?

Application Battery manufacturer


In the internal wiring of the unit of a product developed by a certain battery manufacturer company, there was a request that the size up was necessary because the allowable current value was a little short with the conventional wire size.

Since the outer diameter of the UP size increases, I was looking for a wire of the same size with a high heat resistance (allowable current value).

Investigate cause

The customer was looking for a wire that was consulted about for a new model that was a smaller version of the previous model.

The heat-resistant temperature of the electric wire used conventionally is 110℃.

Inside the device, temperatures could rise up to 110°C. Therefore, we have confirmed that there is a demand for wires that are heat resistant to temperatures of 110°C or higher and that are more flexible.

Proposal from TAIYO

We proposed EM-TXT with a heat resistance temperature of 125°C.

Confirmed that EM-TXT can take a 10% higher allowable current value than a wire with a heat resistance of 110°C. We were able to wire a new compact model by taking advantage of the reduced conductor size and flexibility.


Have you ever been forced to size up in the past?

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