Privacy Policy

Recognizing the importance of protecting personal data and complying with the relevant laws and ordinances, we take it as our social responsibility to exercise the utmost care in protecting customer privacy and securely handle personal data so that customers may safely and securely enjoy our services.

Acquisition of personal data

When receiving personal data from customers, we make sure to disclose in advance the purpose(s) of use. However, disclosure may be omitted in the following cases:
When obtaining data from inquiries by fax, phone or email or from the exchanging of business cards


Personal data obtained from customers generally consists of the following: name, place of work, contact details (telephone and fax numbers, email address, home address, etc.)

Purpose of use

Personal data obtained from our customers will be used for the following purposes.

  • For storing as customer data together with data for created works.
  • To contact the customer
  • In order to improve the quality of our services, there may be cases where we ask for additional information. However, in the event of this, we will disclose the intended purpose beforehand.

Disclosure to third parties

Excluding the following cases personal data obtained from our customers will not be disclosed to any third party.

  • When customer consent has been obtained
  • When required by law upon request from the relevant organizations or authorities
  • When by using the above information, the customer’s identity cannot be discerned from disclosure

Joint usage of personal data

In the following situations, the personal data of customers may be disclosed as necessary to companies or persons consigned by us.

  • For activities related to the acquisition of servers or domains
  • When the customer’s personal data is required for the creation of programs, etc.

Regarding management

Regarding the management of customer personal data, we make sure to enact appropriate management protocol and prevent data from being leaked externally.

Changes to this policy

In the event that any changes are made to the acquisition, scope or purpose of use of our customers’ personal data, these changes will be published on our website and users will be informed of the latest information.


In the event personal data is used or disclosed for any reason, this will be done only after first confirming with the customer and obtaining their consent.