Electronic equipment cable

It is possible to use it for wiring medium or low-speed operational components of machine tool.
Cable chain test 5 million times or more. (or more ability 10 million times)
Vibration resistant cable with UL and cUL at 600V, 105°C. (Category : AVLV2, AVLV8)
CE marking.
Fit to Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law. (7 cores or less cable.)

Fine wire conductor use.
Heat resistant PVC used for insulation.
Oil and heat resistant PVC used for sheath.
Flame resisting : UL VW-1, cUL FT1.

Category Power
AWG 19 - 4
SQ(mm2 0.75 - 22
Core (pair) Multi
Use Moving
Shield None
Voltage 600V
Rating temperature 105°C
Standards ULcULCEPSE
Characteristics Oil, Heat, Flexible, Twisting