Flame resistant flexible cross-linked polyethylene insulated wire for electrical equipment

600V electrical equipment wiring.
Flame resistant cross-linked polyethylene.(Halogen-free.)
Rated voltage:600V. Heat resistance:125℃.※¹
(1500V type can be products.Please contact us for details.)

Flexible annealed copper stranded conductor.
Non-halogen flame resistant flexible cross-linked polyethylene for insulation.
Low smoke evolution.
Minimum bending radius is 2D.
(Only when used for fixing)
Heat resistance 125 ℃.※¹ ※² ※³
Cold -40 ℃.
5.5mm²~80mm² wires conform to Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.
(100mm² wires out of Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.)
UL VW-1(Equivalent material). (8mm²~)

※¹125℃(Temperature in CMJ registered materials.)
※² Allowable current for inside equipment use.(Permissible conductor temperature is 125℃.)
※³ All current for power-supply use.(Conductor allowable temperature is 90℃.)

Category Power
SQ(mm2 5.5 - 100
Core (pair) Single
Use Fix
Shield None
Voltage 600V
Rating temperature 125°C
Standards PSE
Characteristics Heat, Cold