Appropriate wiring for multi-joint unit portion. (Twist test 40 million times or more.)
Appropriate for cable bare wiring for high-speed moving. (Cable Bear test 50 million times or more.)
CMX tha is the listing standard is acquired and it corresponds to NFPA70, 79.
Shielded Robot cable with UL and cUL at 300V,105°C. (Category : AVLV2, AVLV8, DUZX, DUZX7)

Tinned annealed copper superfine conductor use.
Fluorine resin (ETFE) is used for insulation.
Oil and heat resistant PVC used for sheath.
Low friction material used for sheath.
Flame resisting : UL VW-1, cUL FT1.
Coolant resistant.

Category Signal and instrumentation, Power
AWG 24 - 16
SQ(mm2 0.2 - 1.25
Core (pair) Multi
Use Moving
Shield Have
Voltage 300V
Rating temperature 105°C
Standards UL listingULcUL listingcUL
Characteristics Oil, Heat, Flexible, Twisting, Wear