Appropriate for wiring in a narrow place is excellent in flexibility.
It is possible to use it for wiring medium or low-speed operational components of machine tool.
Cable Bear test 10 million times or more.
Electrical insulated wire for internal Wiring equipment with UL and cUL at 600V,105°C. (Category : AVLV2, AVLV8)
CE marking.(TÜV recognition goods) (Certificate of TÜV No.J2050493)

Extremely fine special conductor use.
Super flexible heat resistant PVC used for insulation.
Flame resisting : UL VW-1, cUL FT1.

Category Power
AWG 14 - 10
SQ(mm2 2 - 5.5
Core (pair) Single
Use Moving
Shield None
Voltage 600V
Rating temperature 105°C
Standards ULcUL
Characteristics Oil, Heat, Flexible, Twisting