Multi cable for North America and EU.
Electric equipment cable with UL and cUL at 600V, 105°C. (Category : QPOR, ZJCZ, ZKHZ, ZJCZ7)
Obtaining UL Listed STO, TC and MTW, this cable compliants to NFPA 70 and 79.
CE marking

Heat resistant PVC material is used to insulation.
Oil, heat resistant and Flexible PVC sheath material is used.
It passes Vertical-Tray Flame Test of UL.

Category Power
AWG 10 - 6
SQ(mm2 5.5 - 14
Core (pair) Multi
Use Fix
Shield Have
Voltage 600V
Rating temperature 105°C
Standards UL listingcUL listingCEPSE
Characteristics Oil, Heat