Power supply circuit of portable electrical machinery and apparatus not higher than 600V and in other cases where flexibility and bending resistance are required.
(It is not suitable for applications where it undergoes repeated bending)

Rated voltage:600V. Temp:80°C.

EP rubber for insulation.
Electrical characteristics, heat resistance, ozone resistance.
High allowable current.
Chloroprene rubber for sheath.
Oil resistance, flame retardance.
Reinforcement layer to the internal sheath.
Abrasion resistance,Impact resistance.
Conform to Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.(8 cores or more is excluded)

Category Power
SQ(mm2 2 - 38
Core (pair) Multi
Use Fix
Shield None
Voltage 600V
Rating temperature 80°C
Standards PSE
Characteristics Oil, Heat, Wear