Birthday January 1
Gender Male
Personality Impatient
Motto “Time flies like an arrow.”
Talent Running fast
Hobby Jogging (I like the course
from the Earth to the Sun)

My special talent is running at the speed of light.
I can run the 100-meter dash in 0.00000033 of a second.
The other day, the girl next to me dropped her eraser
and I caught it after running a lap around the Earth.
I’m actually faster than my namesake Mach (the speed of sound),
but don’t pay an attention to that! Machahahahaha!

I want to be able to deliver electrical signals even faster,
so I have hard practice running every day.
The other day, when I was runnin’ the Milky Way Galaxy marathon course
I almost got swallowed by a black hole!
This really is "dark" humor! Machahahahaha!

Birthday August 8
Gender Male
Personality Indecisive
Motto “Flexibility is stronger
than muscle.”
Talent Tough, flexible body
Hobby Stretching

I’m proudest of my tough body.
Even if really hot water gets on me,
or if I’m soaked in an ice bath, it’s no sweat.
Because I’m flexible like rubber,
even if I’m bent in all sorts of shapes in a machine, I’m okay.
In rhythmic gymnastics I’m trying Level Z techniques,
which are way harder than Level F.

I make sure to drink vinegar every day
to make myself even more flexible.
I also do extra training on a special machine that
pulls me from both ends, my head and feet.
Oh, and remember, you should never try to do this!

Birthday February 29
Gender Female
Personality Quiet and tame
Motto “Silence is golden.”
Talent Living very quietly
Hobby Meditation

Pardon me, but aren’t you sick of hearing my brothers brag?
They’re so boastful with their “I…” and “Me…”
Can’t they act a bit more grown up since they’re older than me?
Dogs that bark a lot and noise are the things I detest most.
My talent is probably the ability to walk down a hall without making a single sound.
The other day, I was able to do the high dive,
hit the water without making the slightest noise or even making a splash. Tee-hee♪

But since I want to plumb the depths of the spiritual state of nothingness,
I challenged myself to not speak a word for two months.
People stopped noticing me, so I dyed my hair hoping to increase my presence.
I hope it suits me…