Astounding the entire world!The special abilities of robot cables

Mission In Robots

They have a top secret mission—to protect the lifelines
in the latest robots that use revolutionary AI technology and connect to the world with IoT.
Also, they must quickly and accurately send information using signals.
To accomplish such a tough mission,
they are equipped with special abilities that make the impossible possible.
The name of this special forces team is “Robot Cable.”
Let’s see what they can do.

Bendability, flexibility and high elasticity

Superhuman flexibility

Do you have tough environments that move repeatedly,
like the wiring for robot arms and wiring inside cable-tracks? No problem!
These cables can take on the toughest environments such as these.
These cables are made of flexible materials and have tight conductor
twist pitch and insulator pitch.
The cables are specially designed to release the stress placed
on them when they are bent.

Employing a unique conductor independently developed by Taiyo Cabletec,
it has a flexible, low-friction insulator and sheath that achieves
a high degree of bendability while allowing for easy workability.

Durability and long life

They pass durability tests of 5 million to 50 million cycles!

Cables are checked for durability using bending tests,
flexing tests, folding tests, and move bending tests as shown below.
They can also be used on high-speed moving parts such as cable-tracks.
Special twisting methods invented by Taiyo Cabletec are also used
for conductors making long life possible.

Assessment tests are conducted
for each product.
Confirmed in-house cable-track assessment of 50 million cycles
Depending on the size, 100 million cycles confirmed
Confirmed in-house cable-track assessment of 20 million cycles
Confirmed in-house torsion assessment of 20 million twists
Confirmed in-house torsion assessment of 40 million twists
Depending on the size, 100 million twists confirmed
Confirmed in-house cable-track assessment of 5 million cycles
Confirmed in-house cable-track assessment of 5 million cycles
Heat and flame resistance

Clears flame-resistant tests so you don’t have to worry about burns!

By making cables with materials that are highly heat and flame resistant,
they have a rated temperature of 105℃.
Note: Some products have a rated temperature of 80℃.

Robot Cables
Rated temperature: 105℃
1: The rated temperature for
EXT-II/20276 LF,
EXT-II-SB/20276 LF is 80℃

2: The rated temperature for
EXT-01G/20276 LF,
EXT-01G-SB/20276 LF is 80℃
Oil resistance

Tougher than the Ironman Triathlon! Passes oil resistance tests, too.

Cable sheaths are made of highly oil resistant materials
that can keep out oil, which is found all over factory machinery,
and water.

Is it true that cables are heroes that keep earth and the future of humankind safe?

Calling them heroes is an exaggeration, but the body (materials) of robot cables are not made with anything that is harmful to people, and they are safe for the global environment.
Their ultimate mission is to contribute to the future of the Earth and mankind.

Where are robot cables used?

Robot cables work in tough environments where they are required to move repeatedly and continuously, such as in the arms of robots and the internal wiring of cable-track that work in the production lines of the latest automated, unmanned factories.